Scattering of Ashes

Commemorate a loved one by scattering their ashes on the River Thames

Scattering of Ashes on the River Thames

If you would like to celebrate the life of a loved one by having a ceremony aboard one of our boats and scattering their ashes in the River Thames, we can accommodate your group on board our vessel The Guvnor or the Old London according to the number of people attending. This service is provided in coordination with our partner Scattering Ashes.

The boat sails up river, and be hired for between 30 minutes and an hour, and will come back to Lambeth Pier.

The boat departs from our private base at Lambeth Pier, which is opposite the Houses of Parliament. There is a café at the top of the pier which sells drinks and snacks if required. You come down the walkway at the side of the café, onto the pier where the boats are moored, and where our office is situated too.

Call us direct on 020 7928 9009 or fill in our online enquiry form below.

Charges for 30-60 minute hire embarking and disembarking at Lambeth Pier.
(Please refer to the information below about how to find us)
January 2020 – December 2020

Number of Passengers
Mon – Fri
Sat – Sun

The Guvnor

9 Passengers



The Old London

10 – 30 Passengers



The Old London

30 – 50 Passengers



Getting to Lambeth Pier

Lambeth Pier is just by Lambeth Bridge, opposite Lambeth Palace on the South side of the river. At the top of the embankment you will see a cafe… walk down the side of the cafe, down the walk-way onto the pier.

  • Parking: There are pay and display bays on Lambeth High Street. At the Lambeth Bridge roundabout, turn down Lambeth Palace Road, then immediately turn right onto Lambeth High Street (which does not look like a High Street)
  • From Waterloo Station: jump on bus 507 at a bus stop at the back of the station, where the taxis are. This will take you directly to Lambeth Palace which is opposite our Pier – Lambeth Pier (it’s the stop after St. Thomas’s Hospital).
  • From Westminster Station: Walk over Westminster Bridge and turn right along the river (away from the London Eye).


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